• I place a lot of importance on students learning musical expression as a part of their training. Developing this aspect of their musicianship leads to greater communication abilities, self-awareness and confidence with expressing themselves.
  • I provide many resources for my students use, including a huge library of reference recordings of the repertoire they will be learning. In addition, my students have access to other useful tools such as metronomes, tuners and free music games to play, all right here at Lynnedavis.com!
  • Technology plays a large part in the learning process in my studio. I use a variety of iPad APPS and web-based games for skill-building. Kids LOVE using technology and they LEARN BETTER!
  • I encourage my students to not only learn to read music and understand music theory, but also to learn to improvise on their instruments, and to perform in a group setting. Kids love playing music with other kids!
  • It's great fun to help my students compose and produce their own music here in my studio. Together we record a variety of student performances, so they can share their music with friends and family.
  • Above all, I want my students to ENJOY the process of learning music. Each student learns at his or her own pace, and I consider it a large part of my job to educate them on exactly HOW TO PRACTICE the skills they need to achieve mastery on their instrument.
  • I have been teaching music for 30 years now, and have had the pleasure of working with over 700 students in the course of my career. Many of my students have gone on to become professional musicians and teachers themselves.

  • Studying music has been proven to promote deeper concentration skills, greater self-discipline, better listening skills and perhaps most importantly, self-confidence!

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