Throughout my playing career, I have loved playing Spector bass guitars,
made by Stuart Spector and his talented team in Woodstock, New York.
I bought my first Spector in 1988, which I still own and play regularly today,
along with my beautiful 2006 NS-2 (shown left).
Click on the photo to visit Spectorbass.com.

In 2016, I proudly became a member of the Trickfish Amplification family.
My Trickfish system is the best bass amp I've ever owned; all of my basses
sound better than ever before with my Bullhead 1K through a pair of Trickfish
SM112 speaker cabinets. This rig responds to every musical inspiration I have,
instantaneously, whether I'm playing finger style, slapping or playing with a pick.
It's the complete package! Click on the photo to visit Trickfishamps. com.

I discovered these beautiful straps by Capturing Couture at NAMM in 2015, and instantly fell in love with their luxurious quality and unique style. I'm proud and happy to represent this forward-thinking company!
Click on the image to the left to read my endorsement of the Fender B-Dec 30 Bass Amplifier. It is the first educational product that Fender has ever produced, and when I saw it for the first time, I was blown away. I still use it to teach every day, and occasionally take it on gigs, just because I love the sounds it has! Photo from the Fender "Frontline" magazine, 2008.
GHS Boomers are the only bass string I have used in the past 15 years. I love the softness of nickel-wound strings, and they are quite bright without ever sounding brittle. Typically, I use gauges .45 - .105.
Another beautifully made nickel-wound string that I recently discovered (thanks, Brady!) are these Curt Mangan strings. Very bright and responsive right out of the package, they settle into a long-lasting soft growl that I really like. Gauges .45 - .105.