Below is a list of links to the iPad APPS which I HIGHLY recommend to all of my students. Each of these is under $7.00, and jam-packed with features! I've notice a BIG difference in my student's skill development since I began using these APPS during the lessons. My students are much more likely to practice these skills at home than they used to be, since they LOVE playing games on the iPad, and I LOVE that they are learning faster and better than ever before. Many of these APPS are iPhone friendly, also.
"Music Theory Pro" is the best APP of it's kind. Featuring over 20 games for learning key signatures, chords, scales and inversions. Also includes ear training drills for chords, scales, tempos and more! The BEST value!
"Piano Notes" trains students to name the notes on the staff and to associate them directly to the keyboard. Includes both clefs, key signatures and more. A MUST for all piano students! Available at a bargain price, too!
"Rhythm Trainer" teaches students to read and play rhythms by tapping them on the iPad. This APP gives great feedback as to the students reading accuracy and time-keeping ability. Another one of my favorite APPS of ALL TIME!
"Metronomics" is the best and last metronome a musician will ever need. Easily customizable settings let you create your own metronomes from simple to complex with custom subdivisions, accents, sounds and settings. Features a visual metronome and a easy to read display. Endlessly programmable, from subdivisions to polyrhythms, this is the last word in metronomes!
"Real Piano" provides a virtual keyboard large enough to be useful for practicing patterns on the keyboard when away from the piano. Also includes a huge piano chord library for reference. Super value!
"Garage Band" gives students the means to record themselves during practice and listen back. Includes a large library of instruments for creating and recording your own songs. An incredibly powerful and fun to use APP. A MUST for composers and songwriters!