Opera House

I traveled to Vienna, Austria to study music and history while attending University of Delaware. While there, I worked briefly in the Vienna Opera House as a rehearsal pianist for the Austro-American Ballet.


After relocating to Los Angeles I began performing regularly with many talented artists in a wide variety of styles.

Pictured here performing with blues guitarist Phil Gates at a festival in Southern California.


I still enjoy teaching and playing every day on the piano my father purchased for me as a Sweet 16 birthday present, and I consider it a privilege to share my knowledge and my excitement about playing music with my students.

LAMA Lockers

My teaching career eventually led to a 14 year tenure at the Los Angeles Music Academy, and an adjunct position at the University of Southern California.

Richard Perry

During my time in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to work in the studio with a number of top industry professionals. Pictured with producer Richard Perry during sessions for the original cast recording of “Baby, It’s You” at Westlake Audio in West Hollywood, California.

Magazine Credit

I wrote a music theory-related column for “Bass Guitar” Magazine in 2008 and 2009 under the byline “The Theory Dominatrix”. I’ve also written op-ed pieces for Bass Player Magazine and other publications. My mom always wanted me to be a writer!

Spencer Davis

I’ve been fortunate to play with a number artists that I grew up listening to and being inspired by.              Pictured here with Spencer Davis performing in Los Angeles, CA.

Bassic Basslines

In 2011 I published my first audio-enhanced eBook for the iPad and Kindle users, “Bassic Basslines”. In 2014 and 2015, I published my second and third books, “Mastering the ii – V – I Progression”, and “Mastering Piano Accompaniment”, also for iPad and Kindle.

Sister Pat

I was first inspired to play music by hearing my older sister playing the piano. After begging my parents for lessons for some time, I began studying the piano myself at age 7.