ReflectionWelcome to my Lessons page, where I hope to give you a sense of the quality of education, the attention to detail and the dedication to my students’ progress that make my approach to teaching truly unique.  From the time I began teaching 25 years ago, my focus has always been on helping my students develop strong fundamental skills in reading, rhythm, music theory and technique.  In addition to this more traditional learning approach, I also think it’s important that students learn to improvise and develop the ability to play basic forms of accompaniment, as are used in most pop music of today.

Technology plays a major role in my teaching practice today. I use both the iPad and a variety of free web-based games developed for building specific musical skills. I find most students are eager to embrace the use of technology, and there’s no doubt of it’s positive effect on students skills. They simply learn IMG_4059better!

My private students have direct access to many resources created just for them, including a full library of reference recordings of piano pieces. Listen to a sample of one of the dozens of fun and engaging pieces I have discovered for my students to learn about music and musical expression.

I like my students to have the experience of performing in front of an audience, so I schedule at least one formal recital each year, usually in the late spring. Each student is encouraged to play as many pieces as they can memorize for the recital. Performing in this manner is a great way to build confidence and motivation to work better, harder.

I also enjoy helping students develop their compositional skills, and working

IMAG0781with them on their own original compositions. In addition to learning songwriting techniques, I also encourage and teach these students how to record and produce their own music as well.




























Some of the other practice tools available for my private students include: Working with many fun, free web-based games for skill-building, iPad games, access to video assistance  here at Lynnedavis.com and on my YouTube channel, free Flashcards, Metronomes, Sticker charts and more!

“Learning from Lynne is really fun an fast! I learned more in my first lesson with her than I had in years studying on my own!”